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“But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and
straining forward to what lies ahead…”(Philippians 3:13)

As you begin the journey to your first day of school, it is essential that you let go of the prior school year. All that you did right, and especially all that you think you did “not so right”. To do otherwise is to carry an unnecessary weight into your future.

To “forget” the past and “strain forward” are two deliberate and forceful acts. Undertakings that will draw from your energy, emotions and intellect. Actions of which God will faithfully take notice and replenish you so long as you remain connected to Him.

While you are “forgetting”, you must also forgive. Yourself and all of the others. Yes, even “him/her”. So that your prayers are heard. So that your prayers are answered. So that your students do have to learn under the heaviness of your burdens, or drink from your empty cup.

With only 21 days remaining of your summer break, who must you forgive? What must you leave behind? What must you push toward?

Forgive “them”.

Leave “it”.

Look forward and toward the new school year.

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